SharpSense is a studio based in Paris, France. We develop applications, experiences and video games for mobile, consoles and virtual reality.

Ferdinand Dervieux (co-founder)

Graphic and interaction designer. Unity developer.
Also co-founder at Parallèles Éditions & Panoptic Lab.
website : ferdinanddervieux.com
contact : dervieuxferdinand@gmail.com
twitter : @Dyfer08

Aby Batti (co-founder)

Video game expert. Game, level and 3D designer.
contact : abslo@hotmail.com
twitter : @Tzabslo

Romain Dorey (music)

Sound designer and music producer.
contact : rom1dorey@gmail.com
twitter : @DoreyRomain

Maxime Phedyaeff (screenplay)

Video editor and scriptwriter.
website : maximephedyaeff.com
contact : maximephedyaeff@gmail.com

Julia Spiers (illustration)

Illustrator and graphic designer.
website : juliaspiers.com
contact : julia.spiers@gmail.com